Monday, 1 August 2011

A Box, A Box, My Kingdom For A Box

Tonight Ladies & Gentlemen you have before you a very rare item.  Never before created by my good self, have you seen such a fascinating, interesting, beautifully crafted card box.  Yes, you non-believers, I have the power - if not the inclination - to make a darn card box.  You may never see this again dear friends.  Enjoy while you can.  I did try fruitlessly, to ram the wedding card into a square envelope but things started to drop off the card - so a box was made.  If truth be known, the card rattles around inside - the box being a little too large but No Matter.  I have made a box on 1st August 2011.  Make a note in your diary.  I shall expect 'You made a box' anniversary cards next year and the year after.

I have stamped this creation, with a Clarity corner stamp, made the central wording on my computer, then used my Spellbinder cutter and Nestabilites to make the centrepiece.  I have coloured in the stamped images using felt tipped pens - not for me Pro markers, Copic pens and the like - the Yorkshire in me is still using up my felt tipped Marvy Le Plumes.  (By the way - did you know it's Yorkshire day today?)  I have been liberal with my pearls, I think you'll agree.

I just have to get this to Plymouth safely, via Bristol.  I'm off for a lie down now.


  1. Well Gilly I am soooooo proud of you. I knew you could do it. I think I need a lie down too :)
    Love and hugs Kimx

  2. This is fabulous sweetie!x