Monday, 31 October 2011

A piece of ribbon . . . .

Evening all - as Jack Warner used to say. This card uses up a few bits and pieces and was made using some florist's ribbon that I think looks festive.  The embellishment is metal and I stuck three red jewels on.  Nesty greetings and that's it.
Had a lovely evening yesterday.  Friends came round and we had a Chinese takeaway.  One dog went home and we still have Lily the Doberman until tomorrow.  Our friends brought us their holiday snaps to show us and as they'd been to Kenya on a safari, it was super to see all the animals close up.  I'm not convinced I want to experience the heat and the travelling though.
This morning I found an injured baby squirrel in the park.  Had I left it, it would most certainly have died, so I carried it to my car and it got warm and it started to revive very slightly.  It was bleeding a little from the mouth.  I think it must have either fallen from its nest or a magpie was trying to predate it.  I drove it to the Leatherhead Wildlife Centre and will find out tomorrow if it could be saved.  I hope so.  Want to see a picture?

The poor wee mite was crawling with fleas and I'm still itchy thinking about it . . . .


  1. Love that ribbon looks like foiled and bleaced
    Now I am all itchy too ! Do let us know how the little squirrel does.Anna.x

  2. Yes, there will be an update. I'm not to call before 1pm. Next time I see you - I'll give you yards of the ribbon x