Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blue Christmas

Greetings Crafters!
Well I've had an extra hour's sleep and I'm feeling good this morning.  I was crafting yesterday and came across these blue baubles.  I used my Cuttlebug die cuts to form the silver filigree squares.  I believe the greeting is one by Stampendous.  Very easy card!
Who sang Blue Christmas?  Was it Elvis?
I have two canine boarders - Lily and Woody.  They are super and we've been out walking already.  We took Benson too.  Lily is a lovely gentle Doberman and Woody is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They are very good together too.  The first night we didn't get much sleep but overnight today they were settled.  Woody's going home today and Lily on Tuesday.
We have a couple of gardeners in today.  I'm feeling really guilty because I normally tend the garden but I have arthritis in my thumbs these days and we just need a little help to get it sorted and then I'll be back to doing it myself.  When they have finished I'm going into Epsom to but some ink jet cartidges for my computer.  What a life!!  Have a good Sunday folks.

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