Sunday, 18 April 2010

More peel offs

This was one of the other cards I made at Kim's class yesterday. Haven't peel offs come a long way? I have hundreds of old ones and never use them but these new Magenta ones are fab.
Poor old Rosie won't be in my doggie walking line up anymore. She died yesterday. Her poor owner Pam is very sad and so I went up to see her with some flowers. I took Molly and Taffy to take her mind off things. It was beautiful up on Epsom Downs today and now I plan to work in the garden and make a couple of cards.

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  1. So you did decide to add the Goecounter, it is so exciting to see where people are visiting from - I had someone today from Russia isn't that brilliant.
    Glad you enjoyed the peel-offs
    Love Kimx