Saturday, 3 April 2010

Birthday Plus One

This is a card I made for my niece Helen. I used one of those iron on motifs - which can always be used later by the recipient.

After such a special day yesterday - it was back to normality today. I had a nice lunch with a friend - Dawn, at Jimmy Spice's in Epsom and then came home to sleep it off! Then it was time for boring chores about the house. At 6pm every Saturday, I always tune into Smooth Radio to hear the Motown show. So I was dancing around the house with a duster in my hand.

My husband Mike went to collect our little dog Taffy from our dear friends Val and Eric. They looked after him whilst we were tripping the light fantastic yesterday. Without them, our social life would be curtailed enormously. They cannot imagine how grateful we are to them. It's Taffy's second home and he loves them.

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  1. A wonderfully striking card Gill. Bet Helen loved it. Graham. xx