Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pretty In Pink

Hello! I have been to Lavender Lane today for two classes with Kim Reygate. I made this card under her tutelage. We used Magenta peel-offs for the design. I loved the class and will post my other cards in the next couple of days. I enjoyed copious cups of coffee and was generally looked after rather well.

Whilst in the shop, our local Conservative MP Chris Grayling called to drum up support. I have waited years to tell him what I thought of him. Having introduced myself, as one of his constituents, whilst I was still working in The Houses of Parliament - he then ignored me every time we met. Naturally, today he was full of apologies and excuses. I was pleased to inform him that even police officers and women have the vote these days and he should 'think on!' I look forward to him knocking on my door next.


  1. Glad you had a good day. Your encounter with the MP was priceless, I do so love to see them squirm and boy did he ever!!!!!
    See you soon
    Love Kimx

  2. Way to go Gill!!! What a perfect opportunity to get things off your chest and to tell someone who definitely needed telling. I am proud of you!
    Love, Barb