Thursday, 15 April 2010

Poody tat, Poody tat....

This card was made using one of those fabric strips. I bought lots and lots of them at the Farnborough show and can never find them!

Well, just as you thought life was quiet and uneventful . . . . . . . I was just finishing my dog walk with the following line up ~ Taffy, Molly and Benson ~ when a row broke out between a man and a lady who had a placid German Shepherd. The man was being very rude and offensive and turned aggressive. I tried to calm things down but he squared up to me. He was being very unreasonable and criticising the woman about her dog - which had done absolutely nothing wrong. He was with his daughter and young grandchildren. Long story short, he assaulted the woman. He was of retirement age and I was stunned that he could be so aggressive in front of his young family. Perhaps my days in court are not over yet.

I later went to my whist drive for a few hands of cards. Mike and I then met our friends Val, Eric, Neil and Mandy in Jimmy Spice's in Epsom for a meal. I ate far too much (do you note a recurring theme here dear reader?) We were in the company of several young people from Headley Court - the local rehabilitation centre for injured military personnel. All these disabled people had been severely injured - probably in our conflict overseas - and it was a humbling experience to be in their company.

Our next stop was Epsom Playhouse to see the local light operatic company perform Pirates of Penzance. It was great and we came away humming 'A policeman's lot is not a happy one'. This was treat from Eric and Val - so a big thank you to them.

I'm off to bed now with a stack of valium after such a hectic day!

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  1. Whoever said retirement would be boring hasn't met you!!!
    Hope you have recovered, you can fill me in on saturday at Lavender Lane.