Saturday, 3 April 2010

The end of a super day

This card is the one I shall remember as my 'Eureka' moment. It's when I finally decided I was happy with my colouring in and I actually 'got it'. Anna had a lot to do with it - along with Jenny Mayes and her Hobby Art video and TV shows. I was never good with skin tones but I'm happy with my results now.

Well, I have had a superb birthday. Thank you to all my dear friends who sent me cards - hand made and otherwise. They were all much appreciated. With our friends Mike & Gabriele, we went ten-pin bowling first of all. I thought I had stated that they should let me win ~ but it must have fallen on deaf ears. I came last. We then went to a movie - The Blind Side which we thoroughly enjoyed - and then on to dinner at The Grumpy Mole in Tadworth. I ate far too much but it was all so delicious. I shall be walking the calories off for weeks to come.

Thanks you for your comments Sharon and Kim. I seem to be hooked on this blogging lark already!

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