Sunday, 11 April 2010

Ally Pally

What a great day! Drove up to Alexandra Palace with Anna. Poor girl had to listen to my life story, as we passed through all the various towns in which I had lived or worked. Every time she glazed over, I woke her up again with more! When we got there, I swear she was looking for a bus stop for the return journey. It took us slightly over an hour from my house near Epsom and nearly two hours on the way home. We had a good time and met lots of people we knew including our friend Kim Reygate who was working. I did not overspend - probably because my house will explode if I buy any more crafting gear. As always, I was so impressed by all the wonderful artwork on display. My best buy was a ruler with holes in it - so I can use my pricking tool in a straight line! Very useful I hear you say. Oh and a lovely stamp of a lady relaxing on a sofa. (You had to be there!) I'll make a card to show you dear reader.

When I came home I was all fired up for crafting and spent a few hours making cat cards
I didn't really like, which was disappointing. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll have fresh ideas.

The card above has an acetate 'sleeve' over the front. There are flowers on the acetate and another card inside - if you know what I mean. Jenny Mayes from Hobby Art showed me how to do it.

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