Friday, 15 July 2011

Pleasing in purple

Hello crafters!

I have just made this card, not for anything special but just because I fancied doing so.  I used a Pink Gem stamp and I put some Marianne cutting dies through my Grand Calibur machine.  I was quite chuffed with the result, when I managed to use the bottom die once, turn it around and put it through again, getting a double fancy lace edged effect.
Yesterday and today, I went to Leatherhead to do some food testing.  I think you're meant to have a little taste and throw the rest away.  I on the other hand consider it my duty to finish all samples.  Apart that is from the cheese samples that appeared yesterday.  Wasted on me I'm afraid.  They don't pay very much for one's attendance, but it's a fun way to pass a couple of hours.  Everyone has their own personal iPad for the duration of the testing.  I tasted sirloin steak, butter basted turkey and ciabatta type sandwiches.  Suffice to say, I didn't need any dinner when I returned home.  I declined the malt whisky test though.
Tomorrow I shall be crafting at Lavender Lane with the usual girls and Kim as our tutor.  Bleach may be involved I believe and some masking.  Looking forward to it. Bye for now, Gilly x


  1. Nice to have you back Gill. Glad you had a good holiday.
    Linda (Epsom)

  2. Nice to be back! Thank you Linda. G x

  3. Good to see you in class. Clever Girl with the border, I must try this myself.
    Love and hugs Kimx