Monday, 11 July 2011

Back with a touch of sepia

Greetings.  Long time no blog.  It seems to have taken forever to get back to normal after my holiday.  The washing machine hasn't stopped - therefore the ironing hasn't.  To bump start me into crafting again, I was asked by Benson's owner - Olive, to make an anniversary card for her daughter.  Time was of the essence so I had to buckle down and get to it.  I made this card yesterday evening, using a rubber stamp that does not have a manufacturer's name on it.  I probably bought it at my first craft show in Newbury - more years ago than I care to remember.  I had the seal of approval from 'Quality Control' a.k.a. my husband Mike and took it to Olive this morning. I walked her dog Benson and when I got back, she said, 'Well, I like it but my daughter doesn't like brown.  She likes bright colours.'  It is now waiting for someone else's anniversary.  So watch out if I normally send you an anniversary card - this may be it.  As long as your names are Tim & Heather - I won't even have to alter the insert!!
My holiday seems ages ago now.  We had a lovely time in America and the ship was its normal fab self.  New York was an absolute highlight for me.   We met some lovely people and it ended all too soon.  Sadly, my dear other half came home in a wheelchair.  He's waiting for a knee operation and when he boarded the ship he wasn't in much discomfort.  By the end of the first week, he could hardly walk.  So yours truly here pushed him around the decks on four wheels.  The ship's German Dr. was next to useless, so he had to endure a great deal of pain until I got him home to our own G.P.  He now awaits an MRI scan.  The wheels of the NHS run a lot slower than our wheelchair.
So I am now off to make the same card using a different colour scheme. Adios.


  1. Well I like the brown Gill, and the stamp too. See you tomorrow? Love and hugs Kimx