Friday, 22 July 2011

Anyone got a box?

Evening folks.  Today's offering is made using tea and coffee.  Yes, you heard right. As we're in a recession - times are hard.  I missed Kim's class at Lavender Lane, when they did this but she has since shown me how.  The backgound is coloured using a wet teabag.  The flowers were stamped out and coloured in using diluted coffee.  Having coloured the petals, I completely embossed the three layers of the flower and used silicone glue to stick it all together.  The centre of the flower is made of many tiny little gold beads.  As I was making it, all I could think of, was 'I'm going to need a box for this.'  Why wasn't I paying attention?  I used a punch for the dark brown leaves and Kim is going to tell me where I can buy the swirly stamp.  I believe the main flower and leaves are from Hero Arts.
I have had a good day today.  Nothing special but I took Olive to the new cafe in Nonsuch Park and we had a cake and a latte, as they'd run out of sandwiches at 1.30pm.  Then we had a mango and vanilla icecream cone. I had a rest in the afternoon and then little Tilly came over for the weekend.  She's a sweet West Highland White terrier.  She has made herself at home and is now stretched out on the sofa.  She has raw carrots in her dinner. How unusual is that?  Taffy is so good with other dogs in our home.  I should be ironing but I have been watching a film we recorded from the Sky box. Bye for now.


  1. This is absolutely stunny Gill. You are starting to out do the teacher:)
    The swirl stamp is by Magnolia and is available from SirStampalot.
    There is probably a direct link to the stamp itself on one of my posts probably the tea and coffee one.
    Well worth a box, I might even help you make it if you ask me nicely lol
    Love Kimx

  2. I am asking you nicely. I may need three! I have two wedding cards to create. Thanks for your comments. x x