Sunday, 17 July 2011

I can hardly move.....

Hi y'all. (Well I'm not long back from the States am I?) I got up fairly early to walk the pooches and met up with my neighbour and her two dogs, because Mike and I went out to lunch with some of his rellies.  I really don't want to cook any more, so it's easier for us to take our friends out to lunch when it's our turn to entertain. I mean you know me - left to my own devices - they'd probably be given chunky fish fingers - cooked in the microwave.  (Try it - you'll see how nice they are!!)  I digress!
We took them to Jimmy Spice's in Epsom.  I love that place and now have a diner's card that gives you 10% off the bill.  It has already paid for itself.  The waiters now recognise us and we're on the Christmas card list.  I am normally very restrained but today for some reason, I couldn't stop myself from trying almost everything.  And now I can't move.  I think I was showing off.  You know - Look at how much I can eat!  Am I paying for it now?  I may have to go back in the loft and find all those old fashioned skirts with an elasticated waistband.  And we're going out tomorrow night for a meal.  I'll be the one in a kaftan.
The first card I'm showing you is one I started in class with Kim yesterday.  I finished it at home later.
We made a mask for the moon and added inks - in this case I used a Kaleidacolor ink pad.  My quality controller asked me if the barbed wire was a new thing.  I informed him it is not barbed wire but a kind of knitting wool. You can't see clearly but I covered the whole design with a crystal embossing powder.
This second card used a 'mortice mask'.

I used Hobby Art's stamps and double embossed the whole image with clear embossing powder.  The ink pad used was a Big & Juicy.  (Oh dear Lord, that reminds me of my huge lunch)
This third card - good value here I think you'll find, is just a very quick Kanban affair I made for my pals Christina and Mick who moved to Cranleigh last week.
I am now going to have a bath and be a beached whale for a while.  Laters!

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  1. The finished cards are truly stunning Gill. Hope you enjoyed your bath and have found the Kaftan :)
    Love and hugs Kimx