Monday, 18 July 2011

Inspired by Kim - as usual

This card was inspired by 'herself'.  Hers was almost identical but better - naturally!  I just wanted to prove to her that I finished it off.  Oftentimes, I make half a card or cards at class, then forget to finish them.  Then later, I have forgotten what I should be doing.  Call it an age thing - I do. It's been an expensive day for me today.  My quality controller advised me to have my tyres checked out on my car before it has its MOT and service next week.  He rather thought one tyre needed changing immediately.  Imagine then my surprise, when I was told I need all four changing immediately.  Imagine my further surprise when the chap told me it would cost £319.  I nearly flaked.  So while he was changing the wheels, I thought I'd do a bit of retail therapy.  The Basler shop had a sale on and I had had my eye on a couple of things in there.  I bought 2 tops and 2 matching skirts.  I saved loads - honest.  So, I shall have to hide the mail again next month, when the credit card bill comes in.  But as I always say, 'You can't take it with you'.  At least I'll go out looking good in Basler.
I also had an another errand to run in Epsom.  Remember I broke my Cuttlebug machine some time ago?  Well, the suppliers, Kars, informed me that if I took it to the art shop, they'd send it away for me.  I walked all the way from the tyre shop to the art shop with the Cuttlebug machine, only to be told that they wouldn't accept it.  And you know how heavy they are!  I was most displeased with Pullingers.  So it's back to the drawing board on that one.
Want to see yours truly and her bus?
This was taken on my last working day - obviously on the only day of summer we've had.  Also, this was about 30 minutes before I think I was zapped by a speed camera.  I have never had points on my licence - Miss Goody Two Shoes - so let's hope that continues.
My quality controller has just come home, so I have a Basler bag to hide.  Au revoir dear readers.


  1. I trust you made a box for it :)
    Love Kimx