Monday, 14 February 2011

Be my Valentine

Happy Valentine's everybody.  Going anywhere nice tonight?  We're staying in with our elderly doggie, who doesn't give a fig about Valentine's Day.  My dear hubby gave me a DVD called Valentine and a triple 'Love & Affection' CD.  I bought him the predictable heart-shaped Toblerone chocolates, a book about wolves and the promise of a film when it's released later this month.  Well, it brightens up a February day doesn't it?
I have been walking a couple of doggies for a friend of mine and have to travel down to Godstone to walk one of them - Austin.  I went there on Friday and had an awful journey down.  White van man was driving far too close and when a pheasant popped out of the hedgerow, I did not have time to slow down, without having a white van crushing the back of my car with my doggie inside.  Then Austin swallowed a plastic bag and I was a victim of road rage on the way home.  Not exactly a good day.  I had the audacity to flash a male driver who was 'cutting me up' and he couldn't handle it and chased and shouted at me.  Ruins your day.
The weekend was better and I had chance to make this card for my man.  We went to dinner on Saturday evening with three other couples - two of whom we'd never met before.  It was a really nice evening with a Valentine's theme and we all had to dress in red, white and black.  One of the guests was an opera singer, but she didn't sing for us.
Saw my sister in law Maggie on Sunday and we walked our dogs in the rain, before going to a nice cafe for a latte.  It was only when we got home, that I realised we'd walked out without paying.  And I think I have done this there before.  If I were them, I'd ban me.  I paid belatedly last time and will go and pay tomorrow for Sunday's transgression.  They are closed on a Monday and have no telephone number that I could find. This must be evidence that I am losing the plot surely?
I've walked Benson, Taffy and Austin again today and am now going to make a card for my lovely sister-in-law Barb, who lives in Canada.
Is that a police siren I can hear?  Guilty as charged m'lud.

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