Saturday, 19 February 2011

Stoneleigh Saturday

Saturday night and we're in watching the TV.  I remember when I would always be out on a Saturday night.  Now I appreciate early nights, popping corn and swilling it down with Horlicks!
What a damp and miserable day it's been.  Thank goodness for classes at Lavender Lane.  All the usual ladies were there and it was so good to see so many of them. Thank you for your kind comments about my blog - you have inspired me to blog more often - now I know a few of you are taking a peep.
The card above was using the embossed resist technique - taught us by crafty Kim. Today we made backgrounds by spritzing inks with water and then stamping over the top. I will post one of the cards tomorrow.  In the afternoon we tried a very different technique using inks and Diamond Glaze on acetate - with varying degrees of success on my part.  I'm not sure it's my favourite technique but it's always good to have a play with new ideas.  I bought some nice Easter ribbon -with great intentions of sending everyone I know an Easter card.  As some of my earlier readers may remember, I never think about making Easter cards until it's too late.  But not this year!!
You know, I always think I have so much equipment for card making but when I see what Kim owns - I think I'm clearly an amateur.  Her collection of Nesties and other cutting dies left me speechless.  Just as well the Farnborough Show is coming up next week. Having said that - I'd need a small lotto win to catch up with her.  No, make that a big lotto win.

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