Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sweet snowdrops

Evening all!  This is one of the cards I made at Lavender Lane yesterday.  The snowdrop stamp is from Hobby Art.  I used a Kaleidacolour stamp pad and pressed ink onto a mat.  Then I spritzed the ink with water.  I put some shiny cardstock onto the ink and let it dry before stamping onto it.  I bleached out the flowers and then coloured in the stalks.  Finished off with the inevitable Cuttlebugging and some pretty flower ribbon bought at the shop.  This card is being sent to my friend Alison, whose birthday it will be on Tuesday.

I have been out for a super lunch today at our friend Dawn's house in Teddington.  All thoughts of slimming and making 'good choices' went out of the window, when I espied a steak and kidney pie in the oven.  When I was asked whether I wanted a second helping - I don't know whose voice came out of my mouth but the word 'yes' blurted out, like someone who hasn't eaten pastry since September.  Dessert was home-made creme brulee.  Had I been at home - I may have licked out the dish - it was that good.  I am already planning my excuses for the Slimming Group on Wednesday.  Oh, but it was worth it.

Dawn is lucky enough to own an iPad and we played Boggle and Trivial Pursuit on it.  Ask me who won!!  Me of course - otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it.  I must also be honest and say that we played on the lowest level.  Takes something away don't you think?  I now want an iPad.  Having said that, after all the game playing - I came away with a bad headache but I did have the warm glow of winning inside me. Dawn also has Scrabble and Boggle on her iPhone.  I was so envious.  Never did like her much!! LOL

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  1. Lovely card Gill, I will do my best to be in fine fettle on Thursday. Off to bed now, nite nite love Kimx