Monday, 24 May 2010

'ecky thump it's 'ot . . . .

Wow - we've had another scorching hot day. I had to take my lace parasol out with me to protect me from the harmful rays of the sun. Which is why I am always lily white! I walked the dogs in the woods to keep them cool. I then had my chores to do - a trip to the tip with the grass cuttings etc and then a food shop. A few chores for Benson's owner. I couldn't wait to get my jobs done, so that I could have a play with the Silkies that I saw demonstrated at the weekend.
This card I made today, using the Silkies as a brayered background. Then I used a stamp, which I must have owned for at least ten years and have never used. It's an old Judikins one and it looks much like a rolling pin. I hummed and ha-ed about putting ribbon or other embellishments on but this is it bare. I am open to suggestions!


  1. Nice card Gilly, but maybe a little more colour on the flowers. Try painting them with the silkies.
    Love Kimx