Thursday, 20 May 2010


This card was made using a Pink Gem Design stamp. As you can see, great for a little fella of your acquaintance. Not bad for me, since I consider myself to be a sport-free zone. I understand it's a few days too late, after a big sporting event last weekend. Don't ask me.....

My sister Carol and her husband Martin came home from an eight week holiday in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore at 07.45 hrs yesterday morning. They stayed only long enough for breakfast, as Carol had arranged to meet friends in Sidmouth at lunch time. They certainly pack it all into their busy life. It seems they had a wonderful jaunt and have 400 photographs to prove it.

The rest of the day saw me doing the usual - dogwalking, Sainsbury's shopping and I hired a DVD - Nowhere Boy. Martin had watched it on the aeroplane home and I had wanted to see it when it was on general release. It's about the teenage years of John Lennon. I enjoyed it. Then it was off to play whist in the evening.

Mike was home today and joy of joy, got the Sky box working again and wait for it - without losing the stuff on the hard drive - which we'd been warned we'd lose. So we were able to view The Biggest Loser finale on a proper TV screen and not my laptop. We were happy to see Bob win. What a change in his appearance.

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  1. Wow Gilly you are a lucky girl not to have lost all of your shows on the box. So now it's wall to wall viewing is it. Still I'm sure you will find time to fit in some crafting lol
    Love Kimx