Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lavender Lane

Good Morning.

Thank goodness Mike cut the lawn yesterday - it looks a bit 'iffy' today. Whilst he was toiling in the garden, I was with friends at Lavender Lane, Stoneleigh, at two of Kim Reygate's classes. This is the first card I made in the morning. Using a Hobby Art stamp, which is so versatile, we all made a Spotlight card. It's amazing how everyone is using the same or similar materials, yet all the cards look totally different. That's what I enjoy about the classes. Even if you have attended the same class before, it's always different and you ALWAYS learn something new. Apart from that, my memory is so bad, that I ususally forget how to do what I've learned unless I go home and make lots of similar cards using the new techniques. And I just like to be with like minded craft people.

We always have a laugh and yesterday was no exception and I was the cause. I sometimes suffer with Hives - which is an allergy - and an outbreak can manifest itself by giving me raised itchy weals all over my body or I can wake up in the morning with a swollen eye or, as was the case yesterday, a huge swollen top lip. It looked like a botched Botox job and I knew how Amanda Holden felt with her trout pout. You'll be pleased to hear it has now gone. I'm sure if the new ladies who attended ever remember the day, they'll recall the woman with the fat lip.


  1. Morning Gill, so glad you liked the classes and that the lip is better. It's a shame that the spotlights don't show up so well in the photo, but the card is lovely anyway.
    I hope you are playing so that you remember what to do next time, of are you trying to catch up with some more TV lol
    Love Kimx

  2. I will be playing again today as I have several cards to be made this week. So, I'll have some material for new posts! I'll be ironing and watching RSPCA 24/7 last three episodes, back to back.