Sunday, 30 May 2010

Handsome Boy

This card was made using one of those fabric squares.  I seem to have many of them and forget to use them. I finished this card off with a little fabric bow tie.
Where does the time go?  Just when I want to be crafting, there always seems to be things which need my attention.  My garden has been the priority recently, along with household chores and I often wonder how I fitted in everything before I gave up work.  I still have some more bedding plants to put in the front garden and each night I go on 'Slug Watch'. Please don't ask how I dispose of them.  One day the garden looks nice and the next it has become a jungle.
Poor old Taffy has become quite slow and often loses his balance.  (A bit like me) We walked with Molly and Charles yesterday and their owner Nicki.  We haven't seen Benson since Friday. I took Taffy up to Epsom Downs today and they are preparing for the Derby next week. I had coffee with Pam, one of my Cinnamon Trust ladies - although her dog has died - and then we went to Cranleigh to see relatives.  So, no crafting today either.  I have a couple of orders to make, so I will have to find some time.  A new series of Biggest Loser has also started - and you know how I love that show.  I was watching the latest episode whilst eating a Milky Bar dessert  (177 calories) and felt very guilty.  If you haven't tried one - you really must! I think they are for children really but they are too good for kids!!  Low fat yoghurt tomorrow.

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