Friday, 14 May 2010

So much TV, so little time....

This card was made using a lovely Hobby Art stamp.
What a lovely day to walk Taffy & Benson on Epsom Downs. I took the dogs to visit an old lady called Pam, whose dog died recently. Benson let the side down again and had a wee in her kitchen. We may not be invited back. Pam hinted that her freezer was empty and so I offered to take her food shopping. I took the dogs home first, then drove back. Took her to Asda in Burgh Heath. Left her there. Drove back home for half an hour (Asda has not reached modernity yet, and has no coffee shop!) Drove back to Asda with Taffy and then took her home for tea and a biscuit - or two. (But who's counting?) So that was my day really. I should have been making Jill an Anniversary card and Sharon a birthday card.
Since we got home from the cruise, the Sky box has broken. We cannot view much of what we recorded whilst away. Nor can we save it to disc. Of course those of you who know me, will appreciate the sheer panic of not being able to see The Biggest Loser Australia, final episodes and grand finale. We have been on the 'phone to Sky (India) for hours but we will have to re-boot the Sky box and lose everything we have recorded.
Therefore, today should have seen me glued to the TV to view whatever I can before we lose the lot. I have - happily - found that I can see Biggest Loser on YouTube. Sadly I have missed the new series of Modern Family but I guess they'll repeat it. I usually tell people that I don't watch much TV but you don't believe me now do you dear reader?

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  1. Oh Gilly how terrible. You just knew it had to happen when you had so much to catch up with. I'm sure Jenni and Becki will fill you in on the finer points of biggest loser, they were very good and didn't let on to you that they knew who won.
    Love the card, you have excelled yourself this time. And the flower - I want one lol.
    See you tomorrow. Love Kimx