Monday, 17 May 2010

Isabella Plantation

Today I went with my friend Dawn to The Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. Taffy and Benson came too. We saw deer in the distance but fortunately the dogs didn't. At this time of the year, it's absolutely glorious. All the rhododendrons and azaleas are in full bloom. There were even some camelias still flowering. We saw ducklings and all manner of wild fowl on the ponds. A coffee and cupcake in the car park and then it was time to go home.

This is another example of a spotlight card. I made this along with the first one last Saturday in class. I 'blinged' it up when I got home. My mentor suggested the first photograph did not showcase the spotlight effect well enough, so hopefully this is better Kim!

1 comment:

  1. Well done you, much better. It's nice to think you do listen to me lol
    I approve of the bling, subtle but effective.
    Bet the rhodies were beautiful.
    Love Kimx