Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cool dude

Good evening.  Just a quickie before bed. I love this stamp. As you can see, I have stamped it out a couple of times and cut out the various garments and assembled them all together.  This was for Lewis - a neighbour.
Today I walked Benson and Taffy then had a manicure.  I played whist in the afternoon and won £1.50 - which is the cost of the entrance fee - so I broke even. I came home to see Taffy and Mike then went up to London to meet the girls near the Festival Hall for a meal in Los Iguanos - a South American tapas bar.  It wasn't quite as good as normal but it was super to see all the girls again.  It was Helen's party now she has retired.  We walked over the bridge to Parliament and Helen's husband gave me a lift home.
Taffy has his own blog now I gather.
More tomorrow - God willing!  Good night dear reader.

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