Friday, 18 June 2010

Stampscape card

This card was made using several Stampscape stamps. Very simple but suitable for a man I think.
Not much going on today. I did the dog walk with Nicki and her dogs. Molly had a dog fight with a Jack Russel terrier which wasn't very pleasant and she had to stay on her lead afterwards. I caught up with some viewing on the tv and took Taffy back to the vet's to have his dressing taken off.  Another £23.50 - I couldn't believe it. tonight I'm off to Nicki's house as she's having some kind of girlie party - where you can buy stuff.  Who knows what I may have to purchase.  Not that I need anything but since when has need ever had anything to do with it?  Molly has come to our house, so she's out of the way and having a rest from Charlie the Boxer puppy.


  1. I say Gilly I am impressed.
    You missed a treat today my dear, it was fab at Stamporama. You will have to come to the next one. Well worth it. Nite nite xx