Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cinnamon Club

Well it's now the early hours of Thursday morning.  We've had a full and busy day.  I walked Taffy & Benson early and then Mike & I went up to London to meet our friends Lynn & Graham at The Cinnamon Club in Westminster.  My sister Carol was in London with Martin and her friends, so they joined us. We had a really nice time ~ if only for three hours.  What started out as a lunch for £19 per head, ended up as £45 each!  AND Carol paid for the wine.  The restautrant was full of MP's and I had to wonder about their expenses. The meal was superb though.  I had to dash off to Harley St. for my 6 monthly tattoo top up on my eyebrows. Got home to the pooch infirmary and found Taffy barking well.  He's bright after his mishap but didn't want to eat his food with his medication in it.  It was only when we mixed in roast beef, that he eventually ate it all.
I went off to play whist and got a third highest score - winning .50p (don't laugh) and came home to catch my beloved having a crafty cigar in the lounge, which is totally forbidden. Taffy told me he's done it before.  We watched Biggest Loser and now it's time for bed.  I have another busy day tomorrow.
This card was made in Kim's class at Lavender Lane last Saturday morning. The photograph isn't very sharp - sorry - but it's in the hands of The Royal Mail now. It's using the resist technique and cutting out Anna's flowers. I also stamped on the lilac card with the resist ink, to give a watermark effect - a la Kim's instructions!
So, it's goodnight from me and woof woof from Taffy the invalid.

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