Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wimbledon weekend

Good evening viewers.  Sorry not to have posted for days but life always seems to take over.  My sister Carol says I have elastic time but even that has run out this week.  The highlight of the week was going to The Shepherd's Bush Empire on Thursday with my friend Dawn, to see an American new country star Brad Paisley.  The show was expensive, considering there was no warm up act but he was worth every penny. We parked Dawn's car in the new Westfields shopping centre car park.  It's ginormous.  Cannot wait to go and do a day's shopping there. OnWednesday, Mike was out and I went to play cards with Sue and her friends, where Taffy let me down.  See his blog to catch up on the antics of my pride and my boy.
We went to a lovely restaurant with Joyce and Harry on Friday evening.  It was called The Grumpy Mole near Kingswood and we had a super dinner.
I know I have used this stamp before but she's my favourite at the moment.  It's for Dawn to give to her friend. I have been out today with the dogs and my neighbours - ealry before it got too hot.  Again, catch up with Taffy's newa on his own blog.

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  1. Lovely card Gilly, you have such a hectic social life I'm surprised you find the time to make any cards.
    Love the new photo of you!!