Monday, 14 June 2010

An Audrey Hepburn moment

On Saturday, Linda came over and we went to Lavender Lane for a class with Kim.  She did not notice the sparkling chandeliers by the way!  But I forgive her.  Later we went to Epsom for a lovely Thai meal in celebration of her recent birthday.
It's now the very early hours of Monday morning.  Linda has stayed an extra day and we have had a great time crafting all afternoon and evening.  We had a late brunch and Mike made us bacon and eggs.  Linda and I then walked Taffy, Molly and Benson in the park. We have stamped, painted, embossed - you name it.
I for one am quite tired but nicely so. Linda is enjoying a night cap and after this post, we'll all be retiring to bed. (But not together!!)
This card was made using a Hobby Art stamp and Linda made a similar one also. I never tire of using this elegant stamp and the crystals set it off well.  As you know, I love my bling but there's not a peel off in sight Sharon.


  1. I'm glad Linda enjoyed herself, even if she didn't notice the chandeliers.
    I look forward to meeting her again. I will try not to set fire to any more pieces of equipment - I'm not sure I could afford it lol.
    Love and hugs Kimx

  2. I had to point out the shiny chandeliers!! I think she's hooked on card making now. Lord help her. x