Monday, 21 June 2010

The roar of the crowd ... sorry, Tiger

Hiya!  Hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was busy but very fruitful. I managed to get a lot done.  We went out to dinner by Hampton Court on Saturday with Malcolm & Sandra, to a tapas bar.  Not the best meal we've ever had but the comedic value of the waiters made up for it. Sunday, after the usual dog walking, I drove over to Isleworth to Lavender's of London to buy some silk flowers for an arrangement I have been asked to do.  Of course I also managed to buy lots of other knick-knacks and lots of lovely cheap ribbon, which I bought hoping my card friends might like to buy. At 50p a roll (excl VAT), how could I resist?
Today is my friend Nicki's birthday and we walked together with our dogs in the sunshine.  I have made the floral tribute and also this card.  It's for a friend's birthday tomorrow and he loves tigers.

Now I have figured out how to take a close up photograph (thanks Kim - I really must read the instruction leaflet!) and also how to put more than one photograph in a new post - in the right order - I thought I'd do just that, because in the first photo', you cannot see that the black frame has been 'Cuttlebugged'. As you an see, it's an easel card and the tiger is one of those motifs that can be ironed onto fabric later. Hope you like it.

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  1. Very impresive Gilly, an easel card no less. Well done with the close up, glad I could help.
    Love Kimx